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  The Waiting Dog  
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The Waiting Dog
  The Waiting Dog
Written by Carolyn Beck & Illustrated by Andrea Beck
For older readers.

"I dream of you every day in my spot by the slot. I sit and wait and salivate."

In this gentle daydream (ha!), man's best friend (that's what you think) indulges in a canine's ultimate fantasy (which by the way has nothing to do with chasing a stick)

With gruesomely delicious rhymes and wickedly joyful illustrations, this unique tale invites readers to share in a dog's ultimate fantasy as it eagerly anticipates the delivery of the daily mail -- and it isn't the letters this dog is interested in!

While not for the faint of heart, this book is a grisly romp that will have kids squealing with delight and adults savoring its ghastly naughtiness as the dog joyfully devours the postman, one scrumptious body part at a time.



The Globe & Mail
“Gross and disgusting . . . a rhyming read aloud must for an age group for whom grossness can be first on the list of reading/looking prerequisites. "

Toronto Star
“Not for the squeamish”

Today’s Parent
“Told in rowdy rhyme, this delightfully wicked book will thrill young readers . . .”

The Star Phoenix
“Andrea Beck’s wickedly joyful illustrations of the conine poet will particularly not appeal to postal workers.”

The Whitehorse Star
“A gourmet guided tour of the human body in all its gory, glorious detail. . .”

The Rocky Mountain News
“And then the entertaining buy grisly daydream begins. The illustrations show the dog digging in, but none too gruesome. Still, parents should pay attentions to the age recommendation.”

Brandon This Week
“Gross? Yes. Fun? You bet! What a terrific way to begin a grade five science unit on the body! Kids would be totally grossed out by the language and the full effect of the irreverent paintings. Teeth enhance the borders that frame illustrations of the dog as he chews, spews and delights in his day-dream of complete disaster.”

The Standard
“Andrea has chosen to illustrate a story told by her sister. What a departure.”

Canadian Materials
“Andrea Beck’s depiction of the dog that waits to chew up the postman is perfect. The Waiting Dog is his ultimate fantasy as every part of the postman provides him with culinary delight. But all good dreams must end with a dash of reality, as does this one each day when the elusive postie whips his fingers out of the slot leaving a disappointed dog to wait and salivate.”

Publisher’s Weekly
"The light hearted sticker on this book’s cover (WARNING: Do you have the guts to read this book?) probably should not be taken as a joke."


Published by Kids Can Press

* Not currently available

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