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  A Gentle World of Imagination and Friendship...

Andrea Beck’s charming characters, beloved by children, parents and librarians alike, inhabit a gentle world of imagination and friendship. Her first book, Elliot’s Emergency was an overnight sensation and launched The Elliot Moose book series and TV show which still airs today. Ten Elliot books later, and after a five year hiatus, Elliot is back in Elliot’s Fire Truck, and Andrea has introduced a new character, a poofy poodle, featured in Pierre Le Poof! and Pierre’s Friends (Orca, 2010). 

School Visits

Author Illustrator Visits

Andrea’s sessions are a jam-packed hour of stories, art, role play and inspiration. Andrea begins with tales of her childhood and early years at school so children can identify with her experiences and see themselves as creators too. She speaks of the important world of imagination and “playing pretend” and of how authors play pretend to make their characters come to life.  She will read an Elliot Moose or Pierre le Poof story, then using role play and props, share the stages of production for both words and pictures.  

Andrea starts and finishes each session at the easel by showing the children how to develop a character from shapes. She leaves the completed drawing at the school as a reminder of the visit.  All sessions include original art, storyboards and manuscripts for the children to examine. 

Andrea is a seasoned presenter who is regularly invited back to visit schools across Canada and in the United States. She conducts up to four sessions in a day, and can split a day between two schools. Andrea will visit with grades JK to 8, on special request she can speak with older audiences.   Andrea is a member of the Writers' Union of Canada, and so schools wishing to invite her may be eligible for a travel and fee subsidy to offset the cost of her visit.

School Visits

Presentations & Workshops:

Andrea is currently booking school visits for April/May and September/October, 2015


PRESENTATION 1:  Elliot Moose is on the Loose!   
50-60 minutes. Age Range: JK – Three. Max group size: 65 kids  (For Kindergartens, 50 kids.) 

PRESENTATION 2: Featuring Pierre Le Poof! and Pierre’s Friends
50-60 minutes. Age Range: Grades 1 – 8. Maximum number: 65 children 

WORKSHOP: Primary Illustration Workshop
Design a character with Andrea! — simple shapes are used to help each student achieve success at creating their own character.
60-70 minutes, Grade 1 or 2.
Maximum number: One class.


"The overall unanimous consensus for staff and students alike was that you were the BEST Primary author that has ever come to our school (and we have had many)!!  Your presentation was informative, entertaining, educational and active. Thank you again for inspiring our students to be readers and writers!"
 - Marla Cook, TL at Roberta Bondar PS., in Keswick.

“I finally have a minute to breath and wanted to thank you for your dynamic presentations and for the Elliot books....the feedback I've received from many teachers and students is that each of the four [sessions] were fantastic. Many parents emailed me saying that their children never talk about the book fair or the presentations, and that yesterday their kids came home and could not stop raving about the time they had with you. As you know, the role playing is such a hit and you really tap into the kids' imaginations on so many levels. I know many students will go to our library looking for Pierre Le Poof! and Elliot books.

I also want to thank you for the beautiful drawings of Pierre and Elliot. The Pierre drawing will be posted proudly at Fern Hill School, along with our Elliot drawing, and I know the children will enjoy seeing him as they walk through the school. I wish you the best with your new releases!”
~ Diana Abramovich of Fern Hill school in Oakville

“Well, as Buttercup might say... "I love a good author who travels to London, Ontario!" You gave one of our most memorable presentations.  I put up a bulletin board outside the library with the drawings that you left for us plus the pictures that I took and I am constantly hearing chatter outside the library. "There is me watching Andrea Beck" or "Oh, wow! There is Elliot Moose!" Thank you for the wonderful comments about the librarians you met recently.  I agree, we are a great group of women... and there are a few men, too!”
~ Teena Mueller, Librarian at St. Anne School

“The students are still talking about Elliot! Your warm, friendly and vivacious manner kept their attention from beginning to end. Giving your Elliot a hug at the end was a highlight, the children loved this. Thank you as well for leaving us a memento of your visit – your drawing of Elliot is beautiful.” 
~ Maria Vararikos, librarian, Lower Canada College in Montreal

School Visits

“We had a fantastic visit with Andrea Beck today.  The children were fascinated and amazed as she drew Elliot and made him come to life.  She praised them for all of the great artwork they do every day and made them feel so proud of themselves.  Andrea taught them all about how all books begin with an idea, someone to write the idea down (an author), a publisher and an illustrator.   She had the children dress up and act out these roles.  It was such a brilliant way of explaining it to young children… and really fun too!!!   We presented her with a class book that we made based on The Elliot Moose theme song and then invited her to share our very special Elliot chocolate cake!!! It was a wonderful day!!!”
~Bonnie and Suzy, teachers from Loe Baeck Day School in Thornhill

“Feedback was extremely positive after your visit.  The children really connected, and the teachers loved it. Thanks again.”
~ Teacher/Librarian Angela Bedard, of Rockford P.S

“You came to Fairwood P.S. several years ago and were a huge hit. Our primary teachers would love to have you back . . !”  
~ Teacher/Librarian Paula Geopfort of Fairwood P.S.

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