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  While he was being puffed and fluffled, Pierre imagined running with the wind in his long tangled fur. He chased squirrels, dug holes and rolled in any stinky thing he pleased.  
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  Pierre Le Poof
Written & Illustrated by Andrea Beck

Pierre was in training for the poodle championship. Every day after breakfast he ran on the treadmill. On Tuesdays he went to the School for Show Pups, and on Thursdays he went to Poochelli's Pet Parlor for a shampoo.

While he was being puffed and fluffed, Pierre imagined running with the wind in his long tangled fur. He chased squirrels, dug holes and rolled in any stinky thing he pleased.

Pierre, a pampered show poodle in training, is torn between his love for his devoted owner, Miss Murphy, and his dreams of running wild in the park. One day, an open door beckons and Pierre escapes. But, this spunky little pooch gets more than he bargains for and learns that home is the best place of all. Pierre Le Poof! is this charming character's first adventure in a new series by author-illustrator Andrea Beck.



Kirkus Reviews
"Beck's softly hued colored-pencil illustrations track the wily Pierre's hilarious fall from fluffy petted pooch in his penthouse perch to ragamuffin street dog adrift in the urban landscape."

CM Magazine
"Detailed, humorous and lively illustrations bring out the personality of Pierre and his owner. The appealing and expressive drawings give a special charm to this delightful story...[Young readers] will welcome additional stories about this spunky poodle...Recommended."

Publishers Weekly
"Kids will get a kick out of Miss Murphy's poodlesque tresses as well as Pierre's transformation into 'a glorious mess' during his time on the streets, which Beck depicts in copious detail in both text and art...Beck trots out a time-tested theme - there is indeed no place like home - and executes it with pizzazz."

Tucson Unified School District
"A warm and fuzzy kind of book. Recommended."

Quill & Quire
"[A] delicious romp…The images, particularly, reinforce in a lively and humorous way the loving bond between Miss Murphy and her pampered pooch…The first of a series about Pierre, a dog whose further adventures it will be a pleasure to follow."

Resource Links
"The narrative is fun and engaging with a humour that can appeal to both children and adults…This is a sweet story about the importance of finding the balance between taking appropriate risks in our lives and accepting who we are and what we like."

St. Albert Gazette
"[Beck] uses a language that is whimsical, playful and as energetic as a four-legged fur ball…A straightforward, uncomplicated story that makes an excellent teaching tool without losing any of the fun."

"Dog and owner bear a strong resemblance to each other in airy ink-and-watercolor pictures that delightfully go for the laughs…Will amuse preschoolers."

Library Media Connection
"Beck's illustrations are brilliant. Her detailed and colorful drawings add much to this simple story."

Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children's Media
"The detailed, soft-color illustrations add to the emotion of Pierre's misadventure in the park. This poofy poodle will endear himself to any reader, and dog lovers especially will want this book on their shelves. Children will look forward to Pierre's next adventure as author-illustrator, Andrea Beck, continues this series."


Published by Orca Book Publishers


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• Shortlisted for the Amelia Frances Howard Gibbon Award for Illustration 2010

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