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This was not fair! Miss Murphy usually took him everywhere. He could smell bakeries and cafés. He could hear dogs barking and
people chatting. In the distance, the tip of the Eiffel Tower beckoned...

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  Pierre in the Air
Written & Illustrated by Andrea Beck

Pierre is heading to Paris for the poodle championship, and he can't wait to see the sights. But his beloved Miss Murphy leaves him in the hotel room and Pierre takes matters into his own paws. With or without Miss Murphy, Pierre is climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower!!



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Publishers Weekly
"Adventure-seeking poodle Pierre Le Poof heads to Paris with his owner, Miss Murphy, in his third outing...Readers should appreciate Pierre's daring."

CM Magazine
"Pierre's charm is what sets this book apart from other animal adventures...Pierre’s faithfulness to French clichés is silly and fun and never strays into insensitive territory. His eternal optimism is also appealing...Beck's beautiful illustrations are usually a full-page spread with a smaller illustration on the page with the text. The bright colours are visually appealing, and Pierre's face is very expressive...The humour and adventure in Pierre in the Air will appeal to a wide range of children. Although this book is part of a series, it works well as a stand-alone. Highly Recommended."

Quill & Quire
"Beck's story and illustrations are great fun. Her whimsical watercolour and pencil drawings are packed with Parisian details...and beautifully capture Pierre's joie de vivre. Particularly delightful is the sequence showing Pierre going over the edge of the famed landmark and debonairly sailing through the sky. The book is perfect read-aloud material for the kindergarten set, with challenging vocabulary for early readers."

Resource Links
"Children will enjoy Pierre's predicament and empathize with him...Beck portrays Pierre as a loveable, curious poodle who wants to experience life to the fullest...Her soft-coloured, detailed illustrations will invite children to look for Pierre on every page. Children would enjoy this story as a teacher readaloud. Highly recommended."

Center for Children's/Young Adult Books, MSU
"Beck's watercolour paintings create a whimsical personality for Pierre, who can be rumpled as well as carefully groomed...All the humans definitely take a back seat to the spunky canine."

  Pierre In The Air

Published by Orca Book Publishers


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