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  Elliot watched as water crept up the deck.
"We're sinking!" he cried.
Socks scrambled up the mast. Elliot was right behind her.
"Help! Help!" they called as the mast began to lean toward the water.
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  Elliot's Shipwreck
Written & Illustrated by Andrea Beck

After dreaming of high seas adventures, Elliot Moose decides that he and his best friend, Socks, should build their very own ship. Together they raid the kitchen to collect parts for their boat. Then off they go to the pond to build their ship. The morning is packed with exciting adventures but, as Elliot and Socks settle down to eat a picnic lunch, they realize their ship is sinking -- and they're stranded in the middle of the pond! Suddenly sailing isn't fun anymore. What are they to do?

Elliot's Shipwreck is a delightful story about imaginative play, the value of friendship and navigating through life's little predicaments.



Canadian Materials
“The illustrations, richly drawn in vivid pencil crayon colours, are charming. Imagination clashes with reality to develop the humour in this playful story about friendship. Recommended.”

Resource Links
“Softly textured illustrations are full of details that extend and enhance this gentle, warm story. Children will identify with the imaginative play of the stuffed animal friends. “

City Parent
“While enjoying the story, young readers are introduced to the concept of dramatic irony as they see the discrepancy between text and pictures.”

Daily Miner
“Andrea Beck . . . has a way of instilling in children the value of friendship through life’s predicaments.”

Whitehorse Star
“Time for another adventure with the stuffed toy brigade. Beck does a nice job with both the art and the text.”


Published by Kids Can Press

* Not currently available

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