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Elliot Moose was worried.
Last night he'd heard noises in bed.

And though he'd managed not to think about them much all day, now that it was dark he couldn't think of anything else...

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  Elliot's Noisy Night
Written & Illustrated by Andrea Beck

Bang! Creak! Woosh!

Elliot Moose is worried. What were the strange noises he heard in the house night? When Elliot's friend Beaverton explains that those noises are simply a loose shutter, the floors and the furnace, Elliot feels much better. But later that night he awakens with a start.

SHUFFLE! THUMP! SWISH! Beaverton didn't mention any of these sounds!

Elliot's Noisy Night is a story about discovering that the scary things that go bump in the night are often just regular things in the light.



“Both the story and the art convey a cozy feeling without becoming overly sweet. The many children who wonder and worry about night noises will find this a reassuring bedtime book.”

“Here, bedtime’s approach triggers anxiety over nighttime noises . . . and closes with a final view of peaceful sleepers snuggled together.”

Canadian Materials
“Compassionate and humorous, Beck’s story tells children that everyone is scared at some times, and it teaches them how to deal with strange noises. ****/4 Highly Recommended.”

Daily Press
“Young readers will love this charming book. This entertaining story uses bright and bubbly pictures to show the secret night life of stuffed animals.”


Published by Kids Can Press

* Not currently available

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