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Elliot took a deep breath and pulled harder. He managed to wiggle his shoulders through. But his tummy just wouldn't fit.

He'd have to wait for help after all.

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  Elliot Gets Stuck
Written & Illustrated by Andrea Beck

Spring has sprung, and Elliot Moose can't wait to play outside. But instead of waiting for Socks to climb up and open the door, Elliot decides to try a daring escape on his own -- through the letter slot!

When Socks sees Elliot dangling halfway in and halfway out, she's only too happy to lend a hand. First she pushes. Then she pulls. And then she goes to find some help! But even though Socks, Amy, Paisley, Angels and the cubs pull with all their might, Elliot just won't budge. Will he ever get free?

Elliot Gets Stuck is a charming story about friends working together to get someone out of a very tight spot.



CM Magazine
“The situations and feeling portrayed are all those to which young children can related, from the frustration at not being tall enough to reach the door handle to the anxiety at being in a bad situation and wanted a friend to help. Those familiar only with the television show of the same name should have a look at the series that inspired it. Recommended.”

The Standard
“This getting-the-lovable hero-out-of-a-jam sequence will amuse . . . they will love author-illustrator Beck’s colourful toy characters and the warm story about spring and friendship.”

Prime Time
“Does Elliot get out to enjoy the first day of spring? Of course he does, but how he accomplishes this will bring laughter to the children who listen to or read about Elliot’s latest escapade.”


Published by Kids Can Press

* Not currently available

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