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Elliot was going exploring with his best friend, Socks. They planned to travel far into the big house and be away overnight.

Elliot ran to get his sleeping bag. As he scooped it up, his leg bruished the woodwork, and he felt a sharp tug...

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  Elliot's Emergency
Written & Illustrated by Andrea Beck

Elliot Moose is all set for a special day of adventure, but his plans suddenly come to an end when he has an accident. His friends rush to help, each taking a turn trying to make him better. Nothing seems to work. Finally his best friend, Socks, comes up with an idea that soon has Elliot turning cartwheels with joy!

Elliot's Emergency is an endearing story about the value of friendship and coping with life's little setbacks.



Quill & Quire
“It’s amazing how much emotion a little stitched-on mouth can have in the hands of an illustrator who really cares about her characters. . . This is a good-quality children’s book with all the right elements – a decent story, excellent illustrations, heaps of humour and integrity.”

“Beck has created a cast of endearing characters that betray their stuffed animal natures with sincere compassion and convincing expressions that seems almost human. Look for Elliot and his pals on the road to series stardom.”

Publishers Weekly
“Beck kicks off a new series. . . a surefire hit with the toddler set.”

Kirkus Reviews
“The scenario is one children might conjure when playing with stuffed toys, and all the injury-related emotions are gently explored. The coaching Elliot gets on learning to sew hints at self-sufficiency, without becoming didactic.”

National Library of Canada
“A delightful story about friends helping each other. Beautifully written and illustrated, little ones with be able to empathize with Elliiot as he tries to cope with one of life’s setbacks.”

School Library Journal
“An illustrator to watch.”

Canadian Book Review Annual
“Endearing animals cooperatively solving simple problems. Andrea Beck, uses a pencil crayon to create soft cuddly characters that capture children’s hearts. Recommended.”

Canadian Content
“Children now have another companion to help them learn how to get along with others and solve childhood problems. Andrea Beck has created a lively new character.”

Arcade Magazine
“This story is all about the value of friendship and how to cope with disappointments. What a charming and lovable cast of characters!”

“Beck’s adorable graphics nicely complement the sweet, simple text.”

“Andrea Beck also designs toys and it shows. Her capriciousness jumps off every page.”

Home and School News
“An entertaining and very human story."


Published by Kids Can Press

* Not currently available


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