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Elliot Moose was digging a hole. He'd started right after lunch and by the time his friend Socks came along, he was almost up to his knees.

"What are you doing?" asked Socks.
"I'm digging for treasure!" said Elliot.

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  Elliot Digs For Treasure
Written & Illustrated by Andrea Beck

When Elliot Moose finds a map with a mysterious X, he knows that means treasure! So out in the garden he goes to dig. Dreaming of riches, Elliot's friends all join in. The hole gets deeper and deeper, but there's no sign of treasure - at least not in the way they had imagined.

When the friends discover that the X actually marks the spot where Lionel plans to plant his new tree, they share a good laugh. But things aren't so funny when Elliot realizes they're trapped in the hole with no escape! How will they ever get out?



School Library Journal
“Beck's choice of language will appeal to readers. Pencil-crayon illustrations are softly textured, facial expressions help readers experience the emotions of the story. Elliot fans will discover that even ordinary toys can be treasures.”

“Elliot Moose convinces his friends to help him search for buried treasure. As always, Beck's cheerful pencil-crayon illustrations are full of detail and expression. Fans of the previous book will be pleased. “

Canadian Materials
“Friendship, cooperation, sharing and problem-solving are subtly woven through the book. The text is simple and infused with touches of humour. Elliot and his buddies are absolutely adorable and are sure to appeal. ****/4 Highly Recommended.”

Brandon Sun
“Kids love treasure maps. They will laugh along with Elliot and his friends as they share this funny adventure.”

Christian School Library
“wonderfully soft looking stuffed animals . . . the concept of a treasure hunt will capture imaginations young and old”.


Published by Kids Can Press

* Not currently available

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