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Elliot Moose was bursting with excitement. Today was a very special day. He raced around the corner to find his friend Socks.

"It's Lionel's birthday," said Elliot. "Let's bake a cake!"

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  Elliot Bakes a Cake
Written & Illustrated by Andrea Beck

Elliot and his friends bake a cake for Lionel¹s birthday, but the result is disastrous! Luckily, resourceful thinking and some creative cake decorating save the day. Their yummy cake recipe is featured at the end of the story.



Library Journal
“Young bakers will recognize and maybe even learn from the stuffed animals' mishaps in the kitchen. The salvaged cake serves up the positive message that even the worst mistakes can be fixed.”

“The stars here are Beck's lovingly created toys and her background art. Fans of Elliot's Emergency will eagerly grab this.”

Quill & Quire
“Elliot and his friends are charming, gentle creatures who co-operate . . . to achieve their goals. Beck’s lovely illustrations capture their personalities perfectly.”

The Province
“A riotous attempt to bake a birthday cake. Simple concept, nicely realized with Beck’t colourful illustrations.”

Daily Miner
“Elliot and friends decided to bake a cake for someone special,. . . with some trimming and lots of icing there is a sweet ending.”


Published by Kids Can Press

* Not currently available

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